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Alexandra (25 years)

Ищу мужчину для приятных встреч))) в Литве недавно. Пишите в вотсап на номер 0737377147
  • Alexandra (25 years) (Photo!) gets acquainted with a man for sex (#7073284)
Ad ID #7073284
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Name Alexandra
Age 25
City lt Vilnius
Phone number 37062314**** Show phone number
E-mail ale***@gmail.com Show e-mail

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Added 6 Jun.
Views 2130

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Kenia (25 years) 8

Kenia (25)

Passionate, involved, sexy and flexible, in order to provide unlimited pleasure to the gentleman who enjoys my company. I have an exuberant body, with suggestive curves, beautiful and generous breasts, a tender face that will captivate you, I am sweet and feminine, but at the same time I am wild and passionate, intelligent, sensual, versatil i can be dominant and submisee or play any playroll you can like, no limits if you appreciate my work and dedication, and more things that you will have to discover
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